Wholelife Wellness Inc.

  Welcome to Wholelife Wellness

 Serving the Meadow Lake SK
and Area

This is a place where people can seek out natural solutions for
achieving and maintaining health of their body, mind and spirit .

This is a place where we encourage conscious thinking towards
optimal living.

This is a place to begin ones journey
to increase the balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Covid Awareness: Our office strives for cleanliness and sanitation and we have policies in order to keep you safe and feeling at ease.  It is not mandatory for you to wear a mask to come see us but if it makes you feel more comfortable, please do. Hand sanitizer is available as is soap and water. We currently do not have staff and so we are all booking our own appointments. 
You can click here to book online for Massage Therapy.

Text us for availability: Chiropractic with Dr. Weran 306-304-8833
Massage Therapy and Energy work with Cari 306-240-5606
 (Cari is currently unable to take new (to her) clients)
Massage Therapy and Rapid Therapy with Danea 306-240-4249