Wholelife Wellness Inc.

  Welcome to Wholelife Wellness

We have downsized our team substantially.  Today's Wholelife Wellness is a husband and wife team, along side our one fabulous assistant - Lyn!  Our changes were for a few reasons and one of the main ones was that we were being spread too thin and had nothing great to give to our clients at the end of the day.  The focus is back on YOU!  We love what we do and now we have the time and energy to give you what you need. 

Cari Moffet
Registered Massage Therapist
Holistic Intuitive
Life Coach

Cari has been a practicing Registered Massage Therapist since 1998.  She studied in Saskatoon at the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy.  Along her journey, she has incorporated many other modalities (essential oils, energy work, visualization, breath work, medical intuition) to enhance  growth and empower healing to all who have trusted her with their care.

While working with massage therapy clients, she realized there was so much more to their problems than just physical.  This started a new journey into Medical Intuition which is finding the emotional and sometimes spiritual cause to what's holding a person back.  She never connected with the word 'medical' and renamed her services Holistic Intuition as it encompasses the body, mind and spirit.

After hours Cari enjoys spending time with family and friends (especially her new kitty's), doing pottery, traveling, yoga and music.


Clients can contact Cari for more information: www.carimoffet.com

Dr. Craig Weran
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Craig Weran has been a Chiropractor since 1998.  Dr. Weran's education started at the University of Saskatchewan where he received his 3 Year Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He then moved to Minneapolis in 1994 to attend Northwestern College of Chiropractic where he earned a 4 Year Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.  Craig and Cari met in Saskatoon and were later married before they sold everything they owned and traveled to London England to set up practice and travel Europe.   Feeling the pull back to Canada, Craig moved to Cari's home town and has now been in Meadow Lake since 2006.

Dr. Weran is heavily  involved in the sports community of Meadow Lake.  Craig enjoys Golf, Hockey and Baseball.  His love for ball started young.  Today besides still playing on the senior team, he helps coach pitching techniques to the minor ball club as well as a spring pitching camp that he organizes.

Craig and Cari love traveling, and when not together,  Craig takes his yearly baseball trip and has 6 more major league stadiums left to see to complete his goal of seeing a game at them all.